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Medicine Warrior Team-Ups


One of the reasons we wanted to create Medicine Warrior was not only too create apparel that speaks to individuals so they can feel proud about their heritage as they make the choice to take their health into their own hands. But we wish to give help by directing individuals by any means and guidance so we decided to team up with other individuals, businesses, or organizations. In this way we are promoting other small businesses while both our causes and goals are being attained. If you think your business aligns with our mission and goals and would like to team up, contact us at

Brian Yazzie

Indigenous Food Chef & Activist

Chef Yazzie is on a culinary mission in specifically working with and for the betterment of tribal communities. Whether that is him teaching wellness and health through indigenous foods or supporting other organizations and causes that help the Native Nation. He recently helped immensely during the Covid-19 crisis in several communities and reservation preparing meals for the Elders and people.  

Find him on;

Instagram: @yazzie_thechef

Cater: (IG)  @intertribal_foodways

Creator/Host; @theyaz_podcast